About Ainslie Crypto

Ainslie Crypto commenced trading as the Australian Bullion Company in 1974, making us one of the oldest bullion companies in Australia. In 1990 we changed our name to Ainslie Bullion Company. Over the last 50 years we have become one of Australia’s largest bullion dealers and now also Cryptocurrency dealers through an earned reputation of being fair and honest in our trading whilst being very competitive in our pricing.

Ainslie's scale of operation means we buy at competitive prices and have greater capacity for immediate supply of a full range of bullion and crypto products. We also have the capacity through scale of being able to buy back larger amounts of bullion and crypto, settling immediately.

We stock our very popular and widely trusted Ainslie Bullion branded gold and silver bullion. These lustrous cast bars provide people with the added comfort of knowing it’s come from a trusted source. We stand behind all our branded product 100%.

Our business is a partnership and our two Directors, Paul and Stephanie bring a combined 50 years of trading within both private and publicly listed companies but always with a focus on exemplary customer service on a strong business foundation.

Many of our older customers will remember our humble beginnings under the Manor building in Queen St Brisbane. In 2011 we moved to our new current location in Creek St with its showroom, multiple private sales offices and sales consultants, more secure environs and comfortable waiting facilities. In 2021 we opened our Melbourne location in Collins Street, providing the same level of security and comfort that our clients are accustomed to.

In addition to our trading practice we are also dedicated to providing education to our current and prospective customers. The reality is we live in a world where the mainstream media and education institutions are reluctant to report on some of the real drivers in precious metals markets. We have developed a focus on providing information to the point where we are one of Australia’s leaders.

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You can exchange any of our offered cryptocurrencies for gold and silver bullion. You can also buy any cryptocurrency with gold or silver. Move in and out of cryptocurrency with ease, while positioning your trades in stable, physical gold and silver.

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