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Real people in Brisbane & Melbourne helping you buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrency, gold and silver.

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We make purchasing or swapping your crypto or bullion easy. We're here for any questions you have.

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We have over 50 years of experience and our focus on security and service is paramount.

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Australia's easiest crypto dealer,

backed by Australia's favourite 50 year old bullion dealer.

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Precious Metals Swaps

Transition smoothly between crypto and bullion with our seamless precious metals swap service, leveraging the stability of traditional assets.

Sales Consultant

Dedicated Sales Consultant

Experience personalised service with a dedicated sales consultant who guides you through every step.


In-Store Consultations

Discuss your investment and receive friendly assistance during in-store consultations, ensuring your peace of mind.

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Designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring that buying, selling your crypto and bullion investments is straightforward and hassle-free.



We'll guide you through the process.

We're dedicated to providing a secure alternative to centralised exchanges and ETFs, offering you the ability to self-custody your assets. It's about trust in the technology that powers our future: blockchain. You'll have full control and the peace of mind that comes from knowing your investments are exactly where you want them to be—under your management.

Navigate your purchase online, by phone, or face-to-face in our Brisbane and Melbourne offices. As a compliant entity capable of handling transactions up to $20m, we're here not just as your vendor, but as your guide in the journey towards self-sufficiency. 



A safer, easier & more personal way to purchase crypto.

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Safe, secure crypto. Free lifetime storage*.

Fully-segregated custodial cold storage is the ideal way to safely purchase crypto without the worry of it being hacked or stolen.

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When you lose your private key, your seed words from your hardware device, your PC dies, phone or wherever you store your crypto, it’s gone. Learn more.
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Ainslie proudly sell, buyback or swap a range of cryptocurrencies and bullion products. Simply select any of our bullion and cryptocurrency products to discover our live pricing. If you’re looking to swap or sell just change the secondary item to match your requirements and you'll see an indicative price you can swap or sell at.

Swaps and Sells are completed OTC (Over the Counter), so please contact us directly.

Minimum buy, swap or sell orders are $AUD5000

To process your purchase, add your selected item to your cart. You can visit your cart to complete your purchase when you’re ready.

Or your can see our full range here.




First time buyer?

We understand that cryptocurrency can prompt a lot of questions. We’ve tried to anticipate some of these questions in our FAQ (Frequently asked questions). If you’re a first time buyer, we highly recommend clicking through to read more about how cryptocurrency and bullion purchasing, swapping and selling works with Ainslie.

Prefer to chat? Our team is here to support you. Click 'Contact Us' below to reach out.





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